Thursday, 6 August 2009

Sheeana's journey on the net

I love the internet, I love communities, I love meeting new people, the thought of being able to meet a whole new social circle of friends of whom I would never even speak to IRL makes me giddy - yes, I am very much an internet enthusiast.

My love for the internet began as soon as I got connected, addicted to Mirc, ICQ and html coding, I soon found myself venturing along the gaming track, but where it really became serious was when I became a beta tester for the Sims online, my bouncy personality prevalent even in text, saw me meeting many fabulous people of whom became close friends.

From TSO I got whisked off to SWG - having not even SEEN a single star wars movie, which ended up being 2 years of my life, as master jedi, a new found geekdom, and the founding of a guild called BOUNCE Inc, which I grew to about 50-60 members, with our own city, before they brought in the total game nerf, which not only killed memberships, but the game in general, the community freaked out, people couldn't deal with the change, there was no phasing in of the changes nor additional training, I tried to keep my guild together, by hosting training sessions and ways of adapting to the changes, but alas, even I hadn't had time to adapt to the changes yet and unfortunately, this happy guild is no longer in SWG.

After SWG - I went into Second Life, where I designed furniture for a while and became a DJ groupie, hehe - while SL was fun and I had a great time, changing time zones affected friendships and these days you will find me expressing myself on (Profile Here) - where I design, and run my own virtual store, something I have time for as opposed to running around in a virtual world. Unfortunately, work schedules make my gaming life hard, and I found Frenzoo to be something that I could escape to and fulfill my creative side, so this blog will be dedicated to my explorations online, and my creations.

Hope you enjoy!


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