Monday, 31 August 2009

A New collection!

Hey All,

How has the week been? it has been crazy hectic here, I am soon to be vacated from my apartment and the packing is driving me insane, so while sitting in all my mess, I was feeling slightly formal and decided to create this new collection with mix and match options to go with the ruffled top, I decided to use a dark plum for the coming season to give it a rich look, comments are always welcome and hope you like this new collection!!

To try on or view the collection visit Sheeana's Boutique

Lots of love!


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Thursday, 27 August 2009

August Collection

I've finally completed my August collection. I'm actually pretty happy about the way they turned out. And what people don't know is that most of the items were either edited or completed using the creator tools (not just photoshop!). But that's for another post.
The sweater shawl and dress outfit comes in 3 colors pink, purple and black. The clutch only comes in two and so does the cropped corset.


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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Collection in progress

I'm entering in my first VIP forum contest this month, out of all the past contest I think this maybe the hardest one. So far I've completed most of the garments for the 3 outfits needed but I just need to complete 1 more top and on to the next contest...if I join.

The theme: Royal Street - a mix of elegant and trash fashion (but not too trashy :P)

Buckle Top by Rae

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Sunday, 23 August 2009

Fur Project - The Finished Goods

Hey all!

Hows the weekend going? or whats left of it...

anyway here is the final contest entry I have made with my fur collection - bit strapped for time so the avatars arent as cleaned up as they should be, but hope you guys enjoy the collection! I wanted to incorporate fur and denim together, to put a sort of street twist on it, the key is to keep it simple, never overdo fur in a look, it will be too much, pair it with casuals to tone down the diva factor, and try not to add bling if you aren't looking for attention! (click for larger image)

Would love to hear feedback, its always most welcome! Hope you guys enjoy!


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Friday, 21 August 2009

The Legging Fiasco!

Hey Lovely people!

So I was kind of just browsing around today, and I stumbled upon this look by user Lo-La, and I have to say, I loves it! - futuristic, edgy, shiny and ever so cool, very Lady Gaga inspired and really, all shes missing is the lightning mark and a big faux hair bow on her head, but I thought it was a fun original look. The silver tights are also ever so cool and my love for wet leggings both in the real and virtual world will continue - and make sure they are super skin tight too!

Speaking of leggings..... I received a gift from someone the other day, they knew of my affinity for wet shine leggings, and while I may be larger than your average HK girl, this person... and notice the change, got me XL pants...imagine my insulted ego and my obsession for the next half an hour standing infront of the mirror wondering if shock horror I had ballooned overnight and I was having reverse bullimia and seeing myself skinnier than I really was........that was until I tried on the tights, and lo and behold they were indeed baggy! and baggy wetshine tights are a sight indeed! while parachuting off my thighs and draping in ways only ever right on a pole (and a hot Greek goddess kind of pole), they sat on my body baggy and loose - i breathed a sigh of relief, but was still upset for I had been looking forward to my new super tight wet shine leggings... a lesson for all - do not trust your friends with your body size!

anyway, enjoy!


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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Avenue 7

Hey all,

How's it going? Hope you have all been doing well! Things here have been hectic, Hong Kong is sizzling hot with heat, resulting in polos
hirt/tshirt and shorts wear - ergh, how very enticing. You would think that even on days as sizzling as this, people would find something remotely stylish to wear, perhaps layered oversized t shirts, with a strong stone denim wash shorts and golden gladiator sandals? but really... we should be planning our new winter wardrobes..... Gaysorn Plaza in Bangkok has released the LV winter collection photos in their FB group, a new marketing incentive, to tantalise us to shop.. that evil evil evil... oh so wonderful and thoughtful marketing team!

Anyway, I thought I would share this recent discovery I have made, a website called Avenue 7, it is literally a much cooler and younger version of Polyvore, and while the clothes may not include our loveable high end designers like Prada, Miu Miu and Marc Jacobs, it does reflect brands in the UK market and gives it a sort of high street funky feel, the site is easy to use, easy to navigate, and styling looks together is ever so quick, perfect for that one minute fashion fix.

And you know I must be telling the truth, because I would never endorse a site I didn't thoroughly enjoy!

So heres a lil snippet of what I played around with, hope you'll share yours too! - I love the acid wash on the denim.


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Sunday, 9 August 2009

Fur Project - Work in Progress :)

hey all :)

so it's been a pretty crazy week, I have been packing up all my clothes into boxes for my big move to Beijing, but I have still dabbled slightly on the side,

There is a competition I am preparing for at Frenzoo, and I thought I would show you all my works in progress, I decided to go with fur, as well where else can we wear fur without paint being thrown on us? Jk - im pro faux fur :D they are developing in technology, the fur is becoming alot more realistic which is a fabulous development for fashion (textile background).

So I would love critiques and comments, I am pretty straight forward, so no worries about my feelings :P

here goes!

(btw the top with chains is Misselle's design, I love to mix and match with her clothes, I havent worked out what to go with the furry skirt yet hehe) - oh and ofcourse, for every fashion diva out there, if you would like to try them on, you may do so at my boutique.

Furry Skirt with Bling Bling Belt

Friday, 7 August 2009

Sofa Time

I'm not very good at intro post so I'll start with this: I started "hardcore" creating on Frenzoo around April. My first real batch of items were 5 sets of shiny leggings. I think I got my inspiration from those American Apparel ads that you see constantly on street fashion sites like Chictopia and And from there, I was hooked!
--end of intro--

I just bought Frenzoo's first furniture! I love these two new sofas created my Sqian. I'm not really sure which one I prefer better. I guess I usually choose which sofa to sit on depending on my mood.

Nothing new created today but I do like my purple flats!
*personal sunglasses coming soon
♥ misselle

The T Shirt Collection

Hey party people, so I have been designing on Frenzoo since May, and I thought I would take some of my older stock and whip up a collection page.. one of these was a phase where I was designing Frenzoo graphic tees,

The collection is sweet and simple, and I chose to feature different street backgrounds in black and white to keep the focus on the t shirts, it was fun making them, and I hope you like! (click for larger images!)

xxx Shee

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Ruched Ball Gowns

After endless demand on the forums of Frenzoo, we finally got a ball gown template, and thus I was inspired to create the perfect gown, classy, but stylish, without seeming outdated and yet not trashy, hope you like them.

Sheeana's journey on the net

I love the internet, I love communities, I love meeting new people, the thought of being able to meet a whole new social circle of friends of whom I would never even speak to IRL makes me giddy - yes, I am very much an internet enthusiast.

My love for the internet began as soon as I got connected, addicted to Mirc, ICQ and html coding, I soon found myself venturing along the gaming track, but where it really became serious was when I became a beta tester for the Sims online, my bouncy personality prevalent even in text, saw me meeting many fabulous people of whom became close friends.

From TSO I got whisked off to SWG - having not even SEEN a single star wars movie, which ended up being 2 years of my life, as master jedi, a new found geekdom, and the founding of a guild called BOUNCE Inc, which I grew to about 50-60 members, with our own city, before they brought in the total game nerf, which not only killed memberships, but the game in general, the community freaked out, people couldn't deal with the change, there was no phasing in of the changes nor additional training, I tried to keep my guild together, by hosting training sessions and ways of adapting to the changes, but alas, even I hadn't had time to adapt to the changes yet and unfortunately, this happy guild is no longer in SWG.

After SWG - I went into Second Life, where I designed furniture for a while and became a DJ groupie, hehe - while SL was fun and I had a great time, changing time zones affected friendships and these days you will find me expressing myself on (Profile Here) - where I design, and run my own virtual store, something I have time for as opposed to running around in a virtual world. Unfortunately, work schedules make my gaming life hard, and I found Frenzoo to be something that I could escape to and fulfill my creative side, so this blog will be dedicated to my explorations online, and my creations.

Hope you enjoy!



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