Sunday, 9 August 2009

Fur Project - Work in Progress :)

hey all :)

so it's been a pretty crazy week, I have been packing up all my clothes into boxes for my big move to Beijing, but I have still dabbled slightly on the side,

There is a competition I am preparing for at Frenzoo, and I thought I would show you all my works in progress, I decided to go with fur, as well where else can we wear fur without paint being thrown on us? Jk - im pro faux fur :D they are developing in technology, the fur is becoming alot more realistic which is a fabulous development for fashion (textile background).

So I would love critiques and comments, I am pretty straight forward, so no worries about my feelings :P

here goes!

(btw the top with chains is Misselle's design, I love to mix and match with her clothes, I havent worked out what to go with the furry skirt yet hehe) - oh and ofcourse, for every fashion diva out there, if you would like to try them on, you may do so at my boutique.

Furry Skirt with Bling Bling Belt

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