Thursday, 24 September 2009

Transforming a classic...

Hey All,

How are you going? :) So after playing around with the Regal Collection, I decided to make it in a jewel tone, to be more flirtatious, almost missie like, I have been creating slowly recently due to being swamped with real life, but both Misselle and I have great plans for this site, so please bear with us and hope you keep coming back!!

Oh btw - we have added the RSS button so you can subscribe to our feeds! please do so if you love us!

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Monday, 21 September 2009

Hair Mondays wk 1

Yes, that's right something new for everyone! We are starting a new segment every Monday to highlight new and not-so-new virtual hairstyles!

Side note: I lovelovelove The Sims and I am even more obsessed with finding new hairstyles for my custom sims. Right now my download folder looks disastrous.

Here are my latest faves! - has so many new hairstyles and meshes available for both your guys and girls. The first one is called Boa's Hair modeled after the singer and the second, Long Front Hair.


Now another hairstyle I stumbled upon is by Fabulousims. Although, it may look like another long hair mesh, I think the slight bangs on the side makes it differ from the rest.

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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

This emo scene is so cupcake

I've been in a really emo mood lately and it seems to be coming out in my creations. Maybe re-watching season 1 of True Blood in one sitting wasn't such a good idea.
...are vampires emo?

New top creation using Anson's new long tunic-y/tank template. This has to be my new favorite template because now I don't have to use the dress template to make a long top!! Okay, just a few more emo-ish items i still have baking and I think I'm done with this theme.

emo cupcake plz

♥ misselle

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Retro Fever!

Hey all! How goes it? We are constantly working on improving style divas so if you have any comments they are most welcome!

I was browsing through some blogs today and found this beautiful Retro fashion designer in second life, her designs are ever so delightful and I love how she matches her avatar's body shape with that of curvy real women, a toast to that! with hair to match and fabulous graphics...

you can find her at:

Artilleri Blog

Enjoy! and hooray for Retro fashion!


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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Virtual Fashion Paths

Hey all,

Been a bit quiet lately, looks like I am staying in HK afterall, so yay!

anyway I have been browsing on Flickr, and I found this one artist who does amazing work in merging her sim with real life fashion, a fabulous flickr gallery to flip through! e.karenloveelkin's gallery is definitely a hidden talent, find her at:

e.karenloveelkin's flickr profile

Hopes you likes!! :D


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Thursday, 3 September 2009

Before and After

Having the option to use a graphic editing program doesn't necessarily make it easier to create an item. For example, if I'm working on an dress or top that has a lot of details, I would want to see what it looks like on the avatar while working.

Here's my Fancy Sweater Outfit, this was made using both a graphic editing program and the Frenzoo Create Tools.

On the left is the edited Photoshop version and on the right is the finished edit after making cuts and adding details in the Create Tools. In the Photoshop edit is a recolored knit texture made as a top and black skirt. For the Create Tool edit, I bought the various clothing shadings/folds, embellished bib and round gradient in the Deco shop.

A few tips:
  • To give the illusion of shadows under the embellished bib, I would duplicate the bib and make it a dark color (I used black) and slightly transparent.
  • Adding dark shading, the round gradient on the hips of the skirt gives the illusion of a center light source. (since your avatar is usually standing in front of you.)
  • Look at real life clothing to see how folds fall. It will make your creation look a lot better.


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