Thursday, 3 September 2009

Before and After

Having the option to use a graphic editing program doesn't necessarily make it easier to create an item. For example, if I'm working on an dress or top that has a lot of details, I would want to see what it looks like on the avatar while working.

Here's my Fancy Sweater Outfit, this was made using both a graphic editing program and the Frenzoo Create Tools.

On the left is the edited Photoshop version and on the right is the finished edit after making cuts and adding details in the Create Tools. In the Photoshop edit is a recolored knit texture made as a top and black skirt. For the Create Tool edit, I bought the various clothing shadings/folds, embellished bib and round gradient in the Deco shop.

A few tips:
  • To give the illusion of shadows under the embellished bib, I would duplicate the bib and make it a dark color (I used black) and slightly transparent.
  • Adding dark shading, the round gradient on the hips of the skirt gives the illusion of a center light source. (since your avatar is usually standing in front of you.)
  • Look at real life clothing to see how folds fall. It will make your creation look a lot better.


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