Friday, 21 August 2009

The Legging Fiasco!

Hey Lovely people!

So I was kind of just browsing around today, and I stumbled upon this look by user Lo-La, and I have to say, I loves it! - futuristic, edgy, shiny and ever so cool, very Lady Gaga inspired and really, all shes missing is the lightning mark and a big faux hair bow on her head, but I thought it was a fun original look. The silver tights are also ever so cool and my love for wet leggings both in the real and virtual world will continue - and make sure they are super skin tight too!

Speaking of leggings..... I received a gift from someone the other day, they knew of my affinity for wet shine leggings, and while I may be larger than your average HK girl, this person... and notice the change, got me XL pants...imagine my insulted ego and my obsession for the next half an hour standing infront of the mirror wondering if shock horror I had ballooned overnight and I was having reverse bullimia and seeing myself skinnier than I really was........that was until I tried on the tights, and lo and behold they were indeed baggy! and baggy wetshine tights are a sight indeed! while parachuting off my thighs and draping in ways only ever right on a pole (and a hot Greek goddess kind of pole), they sat on my body baggy and loose - i breathed a sigh of relief, but was still upset for I had been looking forward to my new super tight wet shine leggings... a lesson for all - do not trust your friends with your body size!

anyway, enjoy!


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