Saturday, 3 October 2009

Embellishment crazy

Hey all! Sorry haven't posted in a while but am currently in NYC - yeah the big apple on business, it has been a great trip and of course, I have been raiding SAKS, spring st soho and numerous boutiques.

Currently in NYC, embellishments are the rage! Just walk into top shop and you will no doubt find fully beaded, sequinned cardigans, plus shoulder details - very Lady Gaga, so I thought I'd find you some goodies for your sims,

check out this website for some great embellished gowns!

What a great find! you can download these styles and make all your fellow sims jealous, isn't it absolutely fabulous?

Btw- the Jill Sander collection at Uniqlo is out, and Anna Sui for Target's gossip girl collection!


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