Thursday, 22 October 2009

Shift Dresses and Bandeaus

Hi all!

How have you been? So I have started my new RL job which has taken time away from design :( but when I get the chance at work, I have been sketching, and this evening I whipped up 2 sets of dresses on Frenzoo, I hope you like them! I did everything in PS, with noise, burn, dodge and paintbrush.

Also I would like to thank those who keep returning to our blog! we know you are there! thank you so much!! and for the new visitors, welcome! we hope you love our blog! :D

Really hope you love them all :) My inspirations came from my shopping trips in New York, they have been broiling in my mind for a good month!

Try them on at Sheeana's Boutique

and please leave any feedback you may have! :D

lots of luv!


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