Sunday, 31 January 2010

Virtual Textures are Amazing

If you don’t know me, I’m Miidasu, a new contributor the blog.

I’m a metaverse newbie. I have just joined SecondLife and IMVU, and I have been on Frenzoo for almost a year now. When it comes to virtual worlds, I'm a first class neanderthal. If you see a brunette in a red coat wandering aimlessly in Second Life--that would be me.

As I continue in the young days of my virtual journey, I’m finding something amazingly fantastic.


It seems so simple. In the real world, I hardly pay attention to textures.

I'm becoming deeply attached to Koinup, where I'm finding incredible pictures that highlight amazing textures. I can imagine how the fabric would feel on the tip of my fingers just by looking at it.

I'm awestruck by the realism. Just look at these examples I found on Koinup:

Silvergirl by TheVitaLong

Another beautiful work by TheVitaLong

Jewelry for the Eyes by Conniesec.

This one is proof that textures apply to skins, too.

Thanks for reading! For now I'm off to discover more pixelated textures.


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