Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Digital Surrealism

Error_006b by Rocapc
(aka Miguel Rotunno on
Second Life and Open Sim)
Beyond the borders of reality, there is virtual reality. Beyond the borders of virtual reality, who knows?

Long ago, Andre Breton and Salvador Dali humored expectations and enlightened imaginations. Did surrealism die with either of them? Doubtful.

If the surrealist movement lost momentum in the last few decades, it is making a huge come back in the most appropriate of places--virtual reality.

Several artists are bending the laws of rationality with digital surrealism. Virtual artists have been uploading truly magnificent works that play on our expectations of normality, igniting surprise and humor within us.

Surrealism in virtual reality is not as popular as other forms of art, but it certainly deserves mention. Most works I see on Koinup portray utopic microcosms, fullfilling society's perceptions of beauty, peace, paradise, and so on. It is refreshing to see a few rebels setting out to do what virtual reality was really meant for.

Take NeveryLorakeet. Hers is the first surrealist artwork I spotted. Instant curiosity pressed me to look further. I don’t know where to start. Her works are stunning. She captures depth beautifully, making dynamic pictures . She uses different lighting effects, poses, and backgrounds to build great images. It’s a joy to look at.

Take a look at NeveryLorakeet's works on her Koinup page. You are sure to be impressed and enthralled.

Koinup member Bark, from Tokyo, plays on the expectations of what makes a human body, replacing the human heads with clocks and eyeballs and creating surreal scenes and interactions. Some may call it brilliant, others may think it is a little disturbing, a few may even call it humorous. What is undeniable is that Bark's works are creative and eye-catching.


Bark's art is diverse and well worth a look-see. Check out her Koinup Page, blog, and Flickr account.

If you are interested in digital surrealism, check out the
Koinup club dedicated to it.

Thanks for reading this far. We'll see what sort of things I can get into next

Until then, curious little darlings….


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