Thursday, 25 February 2010

The Far Away....

Hi all,

I hope you aren't getting sick of my numerous photo taking adventures...
but was with my friend in SL - and he took me to this wonderful place called

So I played around with both the scenery and with my avatar, I did a little bit of post processing on the pictures but not might - mainly tweaking colours, I think I could literally plan 500 photo shoots there lol.

I decided to go for a golden mood, and decked myself out in a gold dress with golden cowboy boots, matched with ash blonde hair. Thought it suited the environment, my friend had a chuckle as I landed in a floral dress and went "argh it doesnt match my outfit" and proceeded to change.

The white cloth there actually blows in the breeze,
There's my friend in the background enjoying the view, not of me ofcourse.

Hair: Curio

Dress: Volt Designs

Skin/Eyes/Eyelashes: Hana by Redgrave

Hope you like and please feel free to share tips, comments, opinions, or your own travels with us! we would love to hear from you!



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