Tuesday, 9 February 2010

IMVU Photoshoot - xsassyjenx's collection

Hey all!

Here I am again with my IMVU avatar Snippyish, I found this designer on IMVU named xsassyjenx and absolutely fell inlove with her texturing and detailing, it inspired me to head back to my new spa where I went a little snapshot crazy, I am absolutely in love with her zebra jacket, and this fuschia dress - the texturing ever so wonderful and detailed.

I haven't touched up any of these photos, so expect some further projects along the line, but I really enjoyed myself snapping away last night!

Shoes: maspc
Skin: Nessa
Eyes: hermafrodyke
Head: SinfulBeauti
Dresses: xsassyjenx
Jacket: xsassyjenx
Hair: xsassyjenx
Scene: 69Step
Hope you enjoy!

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