Thursday, 18 March 2010

Be Nude

Spring provide a new start, a new dream for us.
Please sit down and listen to the nature.

While shuttling between reality and fantasy and exploring joy and sorrow of life, actually you have no time to take rest.
This weekend, you can try to escape from the hectic schedule, turn off your iphone and then go hiking with your friends and family.

Grasp chance to be closer to nature. :)

hair: light brown hair by Rox
bottom: Pink Leg Warmers by Bellemy
top: Striped Dress by Sheeana

hair: Deep brown by Rox
shoes: Beige Boots by Glamorous
scene: Venus landscape by polygon_mesh


Virtually Shee said...

i love how all the colours come together Kez :) its really pretty - im so in love with these colours :)

ty for using my dress hun :) xx

keZ said...

Thanks Sheeana! :)


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