Tuesday, 2 March 2010

IMVU Shopping Spree

Hey everyone!

It dawned on my last week that I had created an IMVU account a long time ago. The last time I tried using IMVU, I was immediately approached by a guy who was interested in...other things. Thus, I left. That was nearly a year ago.
I decided it was time to try it again. Besides, it is part of my virtual exploration. I logged back in for the first time in ages and found that I had an awesome 3D room,
 but my avatar was still in newbie clothes. I needed get rid of my strange-looking newbie bod and upgrade into an outfit that suited my personality. So I did what any fun-loving shopaholic would do....Fashion shopping spree anyone?

It was a little hard to find some outfits that fit my virtual style, but I finally found a very cute outfit.

Oufit-Sassyfi3d by OhioDim3

Hair-Brunette Susana by Culpa

Skin-Smoke&Cherries by Corse Puppet

Head-Drvbl Head 9 by Sirenize

Glasses: JL.Est: Glasses by JaSiMiNeE

I fell in love with the updo. It was so cute and fun, but chic at the same time. And any of my avatar's just wouldn't be complete without a pair of glasses.

What do you think?

After that, I decided to go exploring in my new IMVU clothing and found a very interesting place with animated mushrooms. It was quite fun watching Miidasu (my IMVU name) being tossed between two overly hyper mushrooms.

In all it was a fun new adventure and I look forward to finding more cute outfits and crazy places.

Until then, I'm on the lookout for cute and cheap accessories.



keZ said...

I had been using the male account in IMVU and I do admire the skins and head adjustment that creator created.
hah, it seems that you really like mushrooms :D I saw a few photos of yours contains them!

Lovely photos!

Miidasu said...

Thank you keZ!

Yes, the mushrooms deeply amused me!

The head was the first thing I found, and I actually saw it under the "Hottest Items" tab. It was the first one there. They have a few good ones, so it was a bit hard.

You have an account on IMVU? I will have to find you!


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