Monday, 15 March 2010

Tie dye at the Beach! - Sheeana's Boutique

Hi all! Last week I had a creative burst, and after playing around in Photoshop, I created these two dresses in a tie dyed effect, I paid very close attention to the colour pallette so that I would be able to mix and macth properly, overall there are 6-8 colours used in these dresses blended over each other.

I guess I can't wait for the summer!! :D

This is just part 1 of the summer dresses I have created with these silhouettes,

Let me know what you think!

enjoy! :)

I created the dresses on Frenzoo, and my shop can be found at Sheeana's Boutique.
background via Deviantart - Sicho



keZ said...

amazing summer style!
suit for shopping or vacation look :)

Virtually Shee said...

thanks Kez!

yeah i wish i was a better shoe designer, id like to wear that with beautiful sandals.

well i guess will work on it!

thank you for your comments always!


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