Sunday, 24 February 2013

Gone But Never Forgotten

The end is coming soon! No, not the 2012 Mayan Calender phenomenon but of The website will be permanently closing March 9, 2013 and it will be missed greatly. They will be focusing on there wildly successful styling mobile application, Me Girl.

For those who've been apart of this close-knit community, it's easy to understand the dedication from the members, moderators and Frenzoo Team. These are the folks who've tried to keep this place up and running. I had an incredible opportunity working with the Frenzoo Team during their early beta stages. These past 4/5 years have been great, thanks for the memories!

Me Girl
Closing notice from forum

Well folks, 
The team here at Frenzoo has made a pretty hard decision. We’ve decided to focus solely on creating more Me Girl mobile games, and not continue operation of our first product, the virtual world. 
Why? Simply put, our mobile games generate the majority of the income and are showing all the growth, and as a startup we have to place our limited resources on the areas that let us grow.  
The decision is difficult, because you, like many of us on the virtual world team have dedicated a lot of time into it - and more importantly have built such great bonds with other players. We’ve made so many friends here. 
We truly appreciate everyone who joined our virtual world, and we definitely appreciate all of those creators and volunteers who put so much of their time and love into into it.
The virtual world will be taken offline on March, 9 2013. 
We’re refunding all purchases made in the last 3 months - simply email your receipt to before March 9th. 
We hope that this will give everyone time to say goodbye, and to find ways to stay connected to the friends they have found here. 
We’d also love to welcome those who love the avatars to come join in the fun with our Me Girl games on all major mobile platforms, which are also adding more and more online features.

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