Monday, 19 October 2009

Hair Mondays wk 4

Hair this week comes from Frenzoo, I have to say, this is the best batch yet. More exciting news, Frenzoo just launched skins, eyes, makeup and tattoos for creators!

Dress by ACS

From Left to Right
Hair: Hairpin Y by ANGELLOVE,
Make up: Skull Face by CS

Hair: Hair by ACS
Makeup: Ganguro Blue Eyeshadow Makeup by CS
Eyes: Dark Purple Contact by lo_specchio

From Left to Right
1. Hair: Cool by ANGELLOVE, Makeup: Nightly Tears by Stylite, Eyes: Neon Pink Contacts by lo_specchio

2. Hair: Elegant 2 by ANGELLOVE, Makeup: Old Age Face by CS, Eyes: Silver Stargazer Eyes by Rae

3. Hair: Explosion Hair by ANGELLOVE, Makeup: Vampire Fangs and Blood by Bizzy, Eyes: Black Eye R(ight) & Black Eye L(eft) by NAME

4. Hair: Asian Hair by ANGELLOVE, Makeup: Weird Nature by SilentButterflies, Eyes: Desu Eyes [red] by Risa

5. Hair: Elegant Long Hair by ANGELLOVE, Makeup: Cat Stripes by xoxskittlesxox, Eyes: Cat Eyes by NAME


Virtually Shee said...

ooh i love these! this is a great post hun!

keZ said...

The combination of new staff is cool!
It will soon be Halloween :)
the creations of face and skins would be more unique:D


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