Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A Second Life exploration - part 1.

Hi all! how are you?? Hope all is well :)

After a long absence from Second life, I ventured back in with a mission - I wanted to finally sort my avatar out and make her prettier than before! So I started fiddling with the sizes, faces, body sliders and came to the conclusion that I, Sheeana am just not destined for body and face sculpting. I admit it, I'm hopeless.

So I did what I do best, I shopped!

First stop - body shapes!

I being a long departed veteran, newly returned noob - went searching and found myself in Platinum, where the notecard for windlight settings was most helpful!!

There I found myself staring at shapes by Noon, very beautifully presented-and bought myself a body - yay! I was smitten with my new hot bod.

With the shape package came also a note card, which listed where you would visit to complete your look - what a godsend! So here I was, tourist Sheeana following this notecard as it was my bible and went on a massive shopping spree. (note to self - take photos of stores next time!)

First stop - Skins - Redgrave - omg heaven for skins - amazing - simply amazing.

Then onto Curio where I bought my hair, beautiful selections and textured so well.

and finally stopped at Maitreya where my mouth literally dropped open, the store design and decor is amazing, it's like walking into a higher end Abercrombie and Fitch, merchandise displays were beautifully done and shop stock amazingly created with great attention to detail. A MUST see.

I bought my outfit there, and I have to say my favourite is the long scarf, when you click on it you can change it to flexi, windswept left, right, etc - fantastic.

Right - so all dressed up and perfected, I looked up some places I wanted to visit, the first destination was this pub, beautifully cozy and reminiscent of a classy London pub, this is where it all started,

What do you think? After this session I went to Mao - the Great wall of China in Second life, but that will be continued in Part 2, hope you enjoyed this somewhat drab commentary lol!

till part 2 beautifuls! :D (yes I know that is in poor grammar).



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