Monday, 8 March 2010

New Sub brand opened - Dojo by Sanders Beaumont

Hi all,

I have recently become a fan of this fashion brand in Second Life called Fleur de Lys and the designer behind it called Sanders Beaumont, 9image on left) you would have noticed in many of my photos, I have been wearing his creations, particulary in "Springtime" and "Looks with Attitude" posts...........

He recently released a new collection that is much edgier and fun called Dojo , the Spring 2010 collection is amazing, a total stark contrast to his much more feminine line Fleur de Lys, but very cool nonetheless, the store is minimalistic and very chic, definitely check it out!

For more information:
I hope you enjoy this designer as much as I do, I will be keeping tabs on him, looking most forward to his future work!

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