Tuesday, 9 March 2010

New template!!

Hello all!!

well as you can see our new layout and template has finally been loaded up!
what do you think??

a big thank you to Misselle who has been working on it and ofcourse as time goes on - we will be making tweaks, because we are just that perfectionist - but towards the goal we go!

(avatar from Frenzoo *its Misselle!*, top by Sheeana)

Hope you all likeys!!! Please leave your feedback, we would like that alot!


Sheeana and Misselle


Anonymous said...

beautiful, ladies!

keZ said...

it's VSD style! as a symbol of it :D
love it!

Virtually Shee said...

thanks so much!! :D

im glad we all like!! we had been debating between layouts for so long!


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